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Northern Virginia Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Your wood floors are part of the life of your home or office—and as such, they’re subject to wear and tear. With customers in and out of your business all day, and pets, kids, furniture, and heavy items on your hardwood floors at home, over time, it’s natural that they’ll sustain some damage.

Fortunately, one of the advantages of having a hardwood floor is having the option of Northern Virginia hardwood floor refinishing to give you an essentially new floor without a replacement.

At Absolute Flooring, LLC, we recommend sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors as needed to help them look new again. Hardwood floor refinishing Northern Virginia is a smart choice for people who want to update the look or finish of their floors without investing in a completely new flooring material.

When Should I Consider Refinishing My Floors?

The best time to refinish your hardwood floors is when moving into a new home or office location since furniture, rugs, and other items will need to be removed during the process. Of course, our team can help you refinish your hardwood floors whenever is convenient for you!

A proper Northern Virginia hardwood floor refinishing can last a minimum of 10 years. However, keep in mind that rooms with the most traffic will need to be sanded and refinished more often than rooms that don’t get much use.

Benefits of Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

There are many benefits of wood floor refinishing in Northern Virginia, including:

  • Fixing imperfections. A professional refinishing can get scratches and dents out of your floor and give you a new, smooth surface, protecting the quality of your floor.

  • Cost-efficiency. Most hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished rather than replaced, saving you the money and inconvenience of a floor replacement.

  • Making your home beautiful again. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or are just tired of seeing dated hardwood floors, let us make your home beautiful again. Our floor refinishing services bring your floors back to life and enhance their natural color!

  • Protecting your floor and your family. By repairing damage in your hardwood floors, you can prevent splinters that could lead to injury, and even help keep pests away, as damaged hardwood floors can leave openings for pests to make a home in.

Absolute Flooring can give your home or commercial business a makeover with our professional hardwood floor refinishing in Northern Virginia. We make your floors look new again with our dustless sanding and refinishing machines!

Minimizing Mess with Our Dustless Sanding Process

Absolute Flooring features dustless sanding for our floor sanding and wood floor refinishing in Northern Virginia. Dustless sanding allows our team to eliminate more than 90 percent of the dust that’s created during the sanding process, as the machine captures it instead of putting it back into the air.

Dustless sanding helps minimize allergens such as dust and other debris that would otherwise be released into your home during your Northern Virginia hardwood floor refinishing, therefore preserving the quality of your indoor air. It also streamlines our cleanup process, meaning we leave your home cleaner in even less time!

Why You Should Always Use a Professional for Your Floor Refinishing

Both solid wood flooring and engineered wood can be sanded and refinished, although solid hardwood can generally be refinished more times than engineered floors. It’s important that the hardwood floor refinishing Northern Virginia process be handled by a team of professionals and with the utmost care.


  • The refinishing process requires expertise. Wood floor refinishing in Northern Virginia isn’t a job for do-it-yourselfers. The refinishing process requires a level of professional skill and can be easy to mess up if you’re not an experienced floor technician.

  • We use specialized equipment. The professionals at Absolute Flooring have 12+ years of experience and all the necessary equipment to get the job done right. Our expert techniques combined with our dustless sanding help simplify the process and keep your home or office clean!

  • Professional insight for your perfect flooring job. During your complimentary estimate with us, we come to assess your floors and let you know if your floors merely need a buffing or a complete Northern Virginia wood floor refinishing.

We also provide stain samples to help you select the best color for your home, and can offer our own suggestions as well. We offer matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finishes to suit your personal preferences.

What’s the Difference Between Buffing My Floors and Refinishing Them?

While both techniques can improve the appearance of your floor, Northern Virginia wood floor refinishing and sanding are different processes.

Sanding and refinishing removes the sealer, stain, and any damaged areas of the wood, therefore allowing you to choose a completely new stain if you wish and delivering a smoother, newer-looking hardwood floor.

On the other hand, buffing removes only the stain and sealer layer of the wood, so this process doesn’t affect the wood itself. For some hardwood floors, damage may only exist in this top layer, meaning a professional buffing would be enough to restore the appearance of your floor.

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