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Northern Virginia Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank, sometimes referred to as LVP, shares some similarities with vinyl flooring, but with more enhancements to capitalize on vinyl’s already many benefits.

As a flooring option that’s quickly growing in popularity, Northern Virginia luxury vinyl plank flooring is made from vinyl but comes in a plank style. With 3D printing technology, the design of LVP appears extremely similar to other flooring materials such as hardwood and even tile.

Plank sizes vary, allowing you to personalize your look with a huge selection of styles, whether you want to go with a wider, contemporary plank or a more traditional one.

When you work with our expert flooring technicians at Absolute Flooring, LLC, we provide luxury vinyl plank in Northern Virginia flooring options so you can invest in a realistic flooring material that comes with some major advantages!

What’s the Difference Between Luxury Vinyl and Vinyl?

Both LVP and traditional vinyl are made out of vinyl, but luxury vinyl plank flooring in Northern Virginia is several times thicker than regular vinyl.

Its thickness combined with 3D printing technology gives the planks a more genuine look. LVP is composed of several layers to prevent damage, such as from scratches, scuffs, dents, and tears, while providing the design and structure of an authentic flooring material such as wood.

For some people, it’s difficult to tell the difference between Northern Virginia luxury vinyl plank and other, more expensive flooring options such as hardwoods and natural stone without actually touching the surface.

Luxury vinyl plank is also more durable than vinyl flooring and will last longer with the right care. LVP can be used virtually anywhere you would consider other flooring options, including hardwood, tile, carpet, and vinyl. Luxury vinyl plank comes in individual pieces rather than in sheets, which adds to its sophisticated look.

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Plank

Whether you own an office location or a home, Northern Virginia luxury vinyl plank flooring provides many benefits as a premier flooring option.

  • Resistant to water damage and staining. LVP is resistant to wear in general, including scratches from pets, and is very resistant to water damage and staining from spills or accidents, making it popular for kitchens.
  • Highly versatile applications. Northern Virginia luxury vinyl plank can go in any room, and with its assortment of designs and colors, you have limitless options for getting the look you want.
  • Can realistically mimic other flooring materials. The color and surface texture make LVP look like real wood or tile, but with the affordability and resilience of vinyl.
  • Quiet and comfortable. Unlike some harder flooring materials, luxury vinyl tile tends to be quieter and more comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time. Its thickness makes it even more comfortable than traditional vinyl!
  • Gives you the potential for a better resale value. Although LVP doesn’t quite offer the resale value of wood or tile, it does offer a better return on investment than regular vinyl. Some homebuyers even prefer the benefits of a luxury vinyl plank floor without sacrificing the look or style they originally wanted.

With all the advantages of luxury vinyl plank in Northern Virginia, it’s easy to see why this flooring material is quickly becoming a staple choice for homeowners!

FAQs about Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

As a relatively new product compared to traditional flooring options such as hardwood and tile, we know homeowners have questions about luxury vinyl plank flooring in Northern Virginia.

  1. What cleaning products should I use on LVP? While each manufacturer may recommend a specific product or products to use, generally, you should stay away from harsh and abrasive cleaners, polishes, and waxes. They aren’t needed to maintain the beauty of your LVP!
  2. Can it be installed over my existing floor? In some situations, Northern Virginia luxury vinyl plank flooring can be installed over existing floors, but this won’t be true for all cases. During your consultation with us, we can let you know more about the installation process for your specific job.
  3. Do I need to take precautions to keep LVP from getting damaged? While this type of flooring is resistant to scratches and dents, it’s smart to use a floor protector for very heavy items such as furniture and appliances, as you would with hardwood flooring. The same goes for rolling desk chairs should you want LVP installed in your office!
  4. Are there any restrictions as to where it can be installed? Northern Virginia luxury vinyl plank can be installed nearly anywhere, including basements, bathrooms, and kitchens without concerns about staining or moisture damage. However, it’s not recommended for outdoor applications.

Can LVP be installed over radiant heating? Yes, LVP can be installed with heated floors! You’ll need to follow the specific manufacturer’s recommendations, but generally, LVP and radiant heating get along fine as long as the temperature doesn’t exceed 80 degrees.

Have other questions? Simply get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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