Sanding & Refinishing

With hardwood flooring, it is only natural that they will sustain wear or tear at some point. Wear and tear can be caused by furniture being dragged across the floor resulting in scratches or by dropping any heavy item on the floor causing dents in the material. Absolute Flooring recommends sanding and refinishing floors as needed to help them look as good as new again.

Sanding & refinishing hardwood floors is essential to preserving the quality and beauty. Refinishing is done to enhance the woods natural color and protect it from the elements. The best time to sand and refinish hardwood floors is when moving into a new home or apartment since furniture, rugs, etc need to be removed from the area during the process. Proper refinishing should last at least 10 years. However, the rooms with the most traffic will need to be sanded and refinished more often.

Give the interior of your home a makeover and let the pros at Absolute Flooring take care of the sanding and refinishing. We will make hardwood floors look new again with our dustless sanding and refinishing machines. We will come to your home, examine the floors, and then help you decide whether your hardwood floors need just a buffing or a complete sanding and refinishing job. Both solid wood flooring and pre-finished engineered wood can be sanded and refinished. This process must be handled by a team of professional and handled with the utmost care, and our years of experience will come in handy.

We will provide you with stain samples to help you select the perfect color for your home. In addition, we can offer our own expertise and offer our own suggestions on the color that will work the best. Whether its matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish, we will provide you with the best finish that will work the best for you and your home.


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