Varieties Of Types of Wood Cuts

There are multiple ways that a tree can be cut into hardwood flooring at the lumber mill . You can specify which cut you want, but you need to be aware that nicer cuts are going to be more expensive and sometimes may take longer to order .

The least expensive cut is called a “mill run” or “mill cut .” It’s not going to be very precise, with rough edges, a lot of knots, varying shades of color and maybe even a little bit of rot . Next is what  is known as a plain cut, which yields the most planks from a given log, but results in a lower quality product that is more prone to cupping due to the relation of the wood grain to the surface of the board .

A quarter-sawn cut takes more time and yields fewer planks from the same log but produces a superior finished product .   Quarter-sawn   wood is much less susceptible to cupping as well as expansion and contraction . The annual rings  of the tree are parallel to the length of the board instead of perpendicular . The grain on the surface is much straighter and more regular, rather than having flame or cathedral patterns .  Quarter- sawn Oaks also have very dramatic flecks in the grain that really pop out after the wood has been finished . Cherry, not so much .

Canadian hardwood flooring manufacturer Mirage Flooring offers a lot of these higher-grade, more expensive products . A buyer is really going to have to know their hardwood to understand why they are specifying that grade . But someone who is just looking to remodel may not want to

invest that much time into the research or money into the flooring . It has been my experience that many homeowners choose based upon price and availability because they want the job done quickly and within their budget parameters . Some people will say, “I want the best Oak you have .” But if it’s a budget project, they’re probably going to go with Red Oak, 2 .25” planks .