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Wood flooring Northern Virginia is popular for homes and businesses alike due to their durability and versatility. Wood looks good in virtually any application and style, from traditional flooring options to modern ones.

At Absolute Flooring, LLC, we offer the widest selection of wood species, finishes, and wood grains for your Northern Virginia wood flooring. From lighter, warmer colors to richer, darker finishes, our flooring technicians can help you find your perfect fit.

We offer both solid and engineered wood flooring in Northern Virginia. During your free estimate conducted by one of our skilled flooring contractors in Northern Virginia, we bring samples so you can see what we offer. Customers love our huge selection from trusted brands in the flooring industry!

Why Choose Wood Flooring

There are many benefits for your home or commercial business.

  • Low maintenance. Easy to keep clean and don’t require any special cleaning supplies or chemicals.

  • Add warmth to your home. Homeowners love the warmth of wood floors as opposed to other flooring options such as ceramic tile.
  • Durable. With proper installation and care, can last a lifetime.
  • Increase property value. Homebuyers prefer wood floors. You can not only add value to your home, but potentially even sell it faster with this flooring option.
  • More hygienic. They don’t trap dust, pollen, bacteria, and other common allergens. They can improve indoor air quality and are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from allergies!

Accommodate many different styles and décor. You can even consider refinishing to change the color and get scratches or scuffs out when purchasing a home with wood floors.

Solid vs. Engineered

At Absolute Flooring, we offer traditional solid and engineered options. While both options are made from beautiful real wood and offer similar resale value for your home, they each have their respective benefits and features.


Solid engineered wood floors have been used in homes for a long time. Made entirely from engineered wood, there are many different options to choose from. Some features include:

  • A more natural look. Although both floors look very similar, engineered wood flooring in Northern Virginia tends to have a more natural look than engineered and can offer a more genuine rustic look, which some homeowners prefer. Our flooring contractors in Northern Virginia only deliver the highest quality wood floors.

  • Refinishing options. Can accommodate stunning finishes, and can be sanded and refinished numerous times to accommodate changing styles or repair damage over the years.

    Their ability to be refinished 
    several times usually means this is a lifetime investment and can withstand generations of use!
  • Enhanced durability. These durable floors are ideal for areas that have high foot traffic, especially harder Northern Virginia wood flooring options such as maple, oak, and walnut.


Instead of being composed entirely of solid wood, the have a thin layer of real wood on the surface—the thicker this layer of wood, the more durable your floors will be.

  • Wider plank styles. Since this type of wood is manufactured, you have a range of sizing options that aren’t always available with solid.

  • Better resistance to humidity and moisture. Unlike some types of flooring, engineered wood floors are more resistant to expansion and contraction from moisture as a result of their engineered structure.
  • Huge range of finishes. Since these floors are manufactured, they can come in virtually any style or finish you can think of!

Depending on the thickness and quality, you may not be able to refinish the floors, or only refinish them once or twice as opposed to other options.

Expert Installation from Northern Virginia Flooring Contractors

Our 12 years in business at Absolute Flooring have allowed us to cultivate an eye for detail and expertise you won’t find with other companies. We specialize in not only installing, but refinishing your existing engineered wood floors.

When choosing the best floor to complement your home or business, you want quality brands so you have a floor that’s durable enough for everyday use but also ready to show off to your friends, family, and customers!

Absolute Flooring works with brands such as Mullican, Indusparquet, Armstrong, Bruce, Mirage, and Seasons. No matter what type of Northern Virginia wood flooring you’re looking for, we can help you make the perfect choice.

Get a Gorgeous Long Lasting Floor with Us!

Absolute Flooring is here to help you choose between solid and engineered for your residential or commercial applications. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see samples of what we offer!

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